We are gladly announcing that our new service division “Diamond Catering Service” is Opening Soon! and All of Our Customers invited to being guest of this new service.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Diamond Catering Service

DCS (Diamond Catering Service) manages and operates a considerable number of catering contracts undertaken of hajj and Umrah pilgrim missions supported by central kitchens facilities in Makkah. The division also provider catering and support services to many leading private and public institutions in the kingdom.

A further development of Arabian food supplies was the establishment of the hajj and Umrah division to provide a comprehensive service to government organizations, private companies and individuals.

DCS division was created to give high standard of catering services to guests from all over the world with variety of food and beverage products. DCS now run by “Diamond Hotels Group” proprietor’s panel and headed by Khandakar Helal (CIP) as chairman and CEO and its other 3\4 Members are…..

  • Complete contract meal supply service from central kitchens located in Makkah and able to supply European, Middle Eastern and Asian menus.
  • Full turn-key catering contracts for hotels, compounds and commercial establishments.
  • Complete transformation service from our “diamond hotels group” that has a full complement of sufficient vehicles.
  • Hotel accommodation booking up to 5 stars in line with budget requirements.
  • Full hajj and Umrah packages tour’s accommodation which include full meet and greet services at point of arrival.

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